Down Country Roads – New Mexico Photographer

I always love the spring, especially when we do get moisture!  These are some photos that I captured while traveling to Mills, NM this past weekend!

We are so blessed to have spring time moisture this year.  I hope that bountiful rains continue to fall throughout the summer ensuring lush grass and fat cattle!

The storm has passed and the sun sets beautifully over the headquarters.

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My Cowboy – New Mexico Ranch Photographer

There was never a doubt that I would marry a Cowboy, and I am so thankful that God paired me with Troy Stone.

It was six years ago this month that I happened to be in Las Cruces, NM interviewing for a job.  I accepted that job and that next night ran into Troy for the first time in three years and six months later were married.  Today we have two beautiful sons, Eleck and Bryce.

Everyday I thank God for my Cowboy!  Troy I love you and appreciate all the support and love you show me daily.

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