Bowman Family – New Mexico Family Photographer

We have called this sweet family “friends” for almost two years now!   I am so grateful for them, even if we do only get to see them every once in a while.   Their boys are absolutely adorable and I wish we would have had more than 20 minutes to snap some more photos of their cute little faces!  You would never guess that they are twins!

It’s no wonder those boys are so darn cute, with parents as gorgeous as this…

family and friends can view their photos here!

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Mitchell Campbell Wedding – New Mexico Wedding Photographer

I have learned a hundred lessons from being a second shooter at the Mitchell/Campbell wedding.  A few of the things I learned are:  always double check the camera settings, never assume that they didn’t accidentally get changed in the mad rush to get all the necessary photos taken.  Always review the photos right then and don’t be afraid to say we had better retake that pose!
I am posting all of the photos processed even the ones that aren’t perfect, maybe someone will  enjoy them.  See the photos now!

Editing these photos made me think of the day I married my sweet husband, Troy, and just how thankful I am for the life that God has blessed us with!   I get to be with my family everyday, living our dream of raising kids, cattle and horses; and on top of that I actually get to have a job that allows me to schedule around my family and a job that I have a true passion about.  Photography has become a huge part of my life and I am anxious to continue to learn all I can about the art of capturing pictures!   I’m blessed beyond my wildest dreams!

Lisa and Cy, congratulations again on your marriage, I pray that your life will be filled with much love and happiness.  Thank you again for the opportunity to share in your special day!

Happily Ever After…

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