MC Wedding – NM Wedding Photographer – Tall Blonde Photography

Who: MC Wedding        Where: Farm & Ranch Heritage Museum – Las Cruces, NM     When: June 12, 2010   Why: Because these families are great!

Wow, what an amazing time I had photographing my first wedding!  I got to spend the past few days with two amazing families, each person I got reacquainted with or met for the first time this weekend has already blessed my life!  How exciting it was to capture special memories for y’all!

There will be a lot more posts to follow from this exciting event, with a link to view all photos soon!  Thank you all for including me in this beautiful and special wedding weekend!

The bride and groom on the “green bridge”!

An extremely beautiful couple!

The beautiful and sweet Maid of Honor!

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Another Ranch Rodeo Post – Tall Blonde Photography

Here are a few more ranch rodeo photos!   The photos are being processed in order so I am just now at the team meeting…lots more to go!  Hope you are enjoying them!

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Curry Country Ranch Rodeo – Little Buckaroos – Part II

I’m back!   Here is another round of Little Buckaroo Ranch Rodeo photos.  A link to order photos will be posted once I have edited ALL photos from the rodeo.  If there is something that you see prior to that link being posted that you would like to order please e-mail me at
Enjoy…click on the thumbnails to enlarge!

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Curry County Ranch Rodeo – Tall Blonde Photography

Who:  Ky Studdard      Where:   Curry Country Ranch Rodeo     Team:  “This Team”

This will be my last post for a while as I’m traveling to Washington, DC to lobby for increased funding of Oral Rabies Vaccine through USDA- Wildlife Services.  These baits help protect the wildlife population and our domestic animal population from exposure to rabies.

I won’t have a link posted to purchase photos until several days after my return.  There are A LOT of photos to sort through and process so thank you for patience!  I hope that you will all like the end product and that it will be worth the wait!

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Curry County Ranch Rodeo – Little Buckroos

A ranch rodeo really does have something for the whole family.   The photos below are of the young men who competed in the steer riding competition.

These guys are just waiting their turn!

I won’t post a link to the online ordering until all photos are processed.  If you see one you want to purchase immediately please leave a comment for me in the comment section!

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