Nogal Wedding – Ruidoso Downs Race Track Turf Club Reception – Tall Blonde Photography

On July 17, 2010 I had the pleasure of spending time with Sarah, Travis and their family’s as they exchanged their vows at one of the cutest little church’s I’ve ever seen, Nogal Presbyterian Church in Nogal, New Mexico it was built in the late 1800’s!

Their reception had all heads turning at the Ruidoso Downs Race Track Turf Club as the wedding party and guests spent the rest of the day cashing in on their bets!   I even learned a little about wagering on races…good thing I left all my money at home that day.

Here is a little sneak peak at their wedding shots.   The link to order photos will follow shortly!

One of the pages from their album, we had plenty of time to take photos of the dress and boots outside before the wedding.   It never fails that on the actual wedding day someone will forget something!   This time it was the key to the church!!! Thankfully we had the perfect turquoise door frame to work with!

What a sweet couple this is!   Congratulations and May the Lord continue to bless your lives and marriage!

Taylor, Sarah’s daughter was a joy to be around all day long!   What a beautiful family!

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Stone Family Ranch Adventures – Tall Blonde Photography

A follow up to my last post about the Sunbody Hat Contest,  Bryce’s photo did win the child section for the month of June and he will be getting his own Sunbody hat very soon!  Thank you to all who voted for him!

Today there will be several blog posts, but the first is about my sweet family!   I cannot believe that the month of July is already over and I am so far behind in my blog posts!

There are SO many reasons that I LOVE living in the country but I think my favorite is that we don’t have to go very far to find something fun to do!   As many of you know the rain is so important in the world of agriculture and the past few weeks we have been so blessed to receive an abundant amount.   Over the past week we have taken the boys on several “adventures”, as Eleck calles them, to various water tanks around the place.

Here are a few of my favorite shots from this special family time!

The posts to follow today though all the photos are not fully processed I will be posting a few highlights from the 4th Annual Harding Country Ranch Rodeo and two weddings!

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Former Miss Teen Rodeo New Mexico & Now Lincoln Country Fair Queen Photo Shoot

Saturday evening I had a great photo shoot with the Miss Bethany who has just completed her year as Miss Teen Rodeo New Mexico and as of July 4th is now the Lincoln County Fair Queen.  We had to work around the rain but we had a great time!

I’ll let you be the judge but I think these portraits show offer her beauty, outside and in! Congratulations Bethany, I had a great time with you and your family!

The crown was made by Bob Curtis of Carrizozo, absolutely awesome work!

I loved this red dress, it is her color!

The Chaps, amazing and with the old apple tree…I love it!

And I thought she looked good in Red….this is salmon/coral whatever color is gorgeous!

Is there a hat company looking for a model?

The left over hide from the chaps made a great backdrop for this shot!

Couldn’t help but get a few photos of her with our horse, Hummer.

After all that work we even managed to have just a little fun!

Friends and Family can view ALL of the photos here.

Mandy - What a fun shoot!

Suzanne - These are so beautiful! I especially love the one with her facing the horse. Beautiful!

Christy F - These are stunningly beautiful! Great session!

Stephanie - Wow! She’s gorgeous! Great work!

Kelsey Anderson - These are really fun!

Beth - I love the one with the horse!

Jen Cooke Photography - These are great!

CrystalL - Stunning, charm just oozes from these shots, great job!

Angela - Looks like you had lots of fun. I love the one with the horse.

Hilary - I just LOVE her outfits! GORGEOUS!! Great work!

Anne - Great collection of photos – the image of your model with the horse is really stunning. I’m glad that you pulled back and shot it from a wider perspective – it adds to the depth.

Nice work friend!


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My baby Bryce – New Mexico Family Photographer

This weekend I have rented a Canon EOS-1 Mark III Ds!   I have only used it sparingly but got some great photos of my youngest son Bryce yesterday!    I have a fair queen photo shoot later today and a wedding tomorrow that I will be using it for!   I must say that the image quality is supurb and I am already trying to figure out how I can purchase one of these outrageous models!

Full of mischief!

He loves his Popsicles…

Who knew that the Four Winds in Carrizozo had such great treats!

Bryce absolutely loves being at the barn with the horses, just like his Daddy.   I have no doubt he will be as gifted with a horse as his Daddy is!

It is usually a fight for him to come in from the barn, but I’m so glad he prefers that to watching TV!

Love this little boy, love his brother, his daddy and am beyond thankful for this amazing life we get to live!

JenniferK - I love the ones here with the horses! very bright and crisp!!

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