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You know how you always have the best intentions to get something done…well that is how I feel about keeping up with the blog.  I have the intention of posting things at least weekly, but it seems as if I’m always behind.  This post covers the exciting things that have been going on in my world since the end of April!
I spent time getting to know Alyssa, Colton and their family and friends.  I enjoyed it very much, I learned that I am no longer “cool” and that 18 was a long time ago!  I am thankful for this sweet family and the lifelong friendships that we have made!  Both Alyssa and Colton will attend NMSU in the fall!  Go AGGIES!

For those of you who don’t know Capitan is the home to Smokey Bear!  Smokey was actually found right above our home the year my mother-in-law was born.   Every year the town hosts Smokey Bear Days to celebrate Smokey and the importance of preventing forest fires.  This year I had two of the Traylor kids with us for the parade!  It was so much fun watching the kids enjoy the parade and all the excitement.  Of course no parade is complete without the politicians handing out their literature.  The boys were proud to show their support for former Congressman Steve Pearce, who we hope will be back in Washington come January of next year!

After the parade we met up with Kelly and Meghan Traylor for the Library plant sale!

The library has some great spots to take photos, so we took advantage!

Meghan has the bluest eyes I think I’ve ever seen!  I love taking these kids photos, they are all so beautiful!

Here is my sweet Eleck, he loves that darn hat!!!

While my in-laws were visiting my sister-in-law in Montana we took care of things at their house.  Bryce loves to play with BabyDoll and would live at Nanny and Poppy’s if we let him…so would Eleck!  We are so blessed to have them just a few hundred yards away.

Nanny has some of the prettiest flowers I’ve ever seen!  My computer is loaded down with flower photos from her yard!  She has taught me everything I know about gardening!  Love you Nanny!

This is the bridal wreath, it is beautiful.  I regret not getting a photo of the entire thing!

I am continually amazed by God’s beautiful sunsets.

There was a fishing trip to Bonita Lake The Traylor and Stone boys!  Trouble in the making for sure!

Bryce had to make sure he got in on the fishing too!

More photos are yet to come in future posts!  Things have been very busy on the north side of the Capitan Mountains!

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A few of my favorites – New Mexico Family Photographer

The blessings that surround me are amazing, my husband, my sweet sons, the land and animals that we are so fortunate to care for and our dear friends!  The photos below are some of my favorites that I have recently taken.

I’m continually amazed at God’s paintbrush.

My oldest sweet pea, Eleck, turned four years old last week.  He now has a “picture pose”, as he calls it!

The north side of the Capitan mountains are home to a lot of great people, this young lady is one of them!  This photo catches the sun flare I needed for a class assignment, but in my prom post below you can see just how gorgeous this young lady is!

God recently lead us to an amazing church and on Easter Sunday I captured this photo of our music director’s daughter, Wow, she is stunning.

My littlest “sugar beet”, Bryce, will be two in June and he is as independent and fearless as his name sake, Grandpa Bryce.

Another beautiful sunset on the north side of the Capitans.

Jennifer - Oh my goodness, love your photography!!! A friend told me about your site. 🙂 I live on the Turkey Track…outside of Artesia.

Margie - Your sons are adorable!

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