Erramouspe Family – Tall Blonde Photography Corona, NM Family Portraits

I only get to see this family once a year at the county fair and I was so glad when they asked me to travel to their family ranch outside of Corona, NM and take their family portraits!   It was a perfect day and a beautiful location, the evening ended with a rain, and for those of us ranchers it doesn’t get much better than that!   I hope you enjoy your photos!

What a beautiful family!

What is it about Daddy’s and Daughter’s?

17 years of marriage!

You can view all of the Erramouspe Family photos here!

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Ranch Kid Photographer and 2010 Christmas Cards – Tall Blonde Photography

There really is no place I’d rather be than in the country and today my family and I had the opportunity to travel to a ranch north of ours and photograph these two families; and since Christmas is just around the corner I knew that these darling “ranch kids” and their parents would be the perfect way to show off two of the MANY Christmas card options I’ll be offering for 2010.

Sample “Cline” Folded 5×7 2010 Holiday Card Outside

Sample “Cline” Folded 5×7 2010 Holiday Card Inside

Sample “Washburn” Flat 5×7  2010 Holiday Card

Watching all these little “ranch kids” run around made me think of this page I made for our family scrapbook.     I think anyone who was a “ranch kid” or is raising a “ranch kid” can appreciate it.

I cannot locate the book I had copied the poem down from to give proper credit to the author, whoever he/she is was spot on!

I am now booking Holiday sessions!

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