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So once again I have managed to get very far behind on my blog posts…I think this post will make up for it!   I had the opportunity to photograph three beautiful lincoln county girls over the past months.   Each of them is not only beautiful but very active in their school and community.   I know they each have a very bright future!   Congratulations girls and good luck with the rest of your senior year!

Carolyn Graham - Any parent would be so proud to have such gorgeous images of their high school senior! Terrific photography that makes one smile! 🙂

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Back in July I had the opportunity to capture the wedding photos for Tim and Crystal!   I loved every second of the wedding and my time with them and their sweet family’s.   Below are the pages of their custom 10×10 wedding album that I designed!   Tim & Crystal Congratulations again and may God continue to bless you and your marriage!
Enjoy the album!


Spread 1

Spread 2

Spread 3

Spread 4

Spread 5

Spread 6

Spread 7

Spread 8

Spread 9

Spread 10
Tim and Crystal picked the images that were used in the album!

stacy - LOVE THEM!!! I love all of your work 😉 The groomsmen are awesome in their jeans and the women are looking beautiful in their dresses! Gorgeous!

monica - Nice spreads. I love the hazey feel of the first two pages! 🙂

Christene - The cover is stunning!

Christy F - Love the spreads = you perfectly captured this wedding!

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HAPPY FALL Y’ALL | New Mexico Children’s Photographer | TALL BLONDE PHOTOGRAPHY

Last week the boys and I were invited to the Laughing Sheep Farm with the Ruidoso River Raccoon Pre-School.   Since we live so far in the country and don’t get a lot of social opportunities I made sure that the boys and I were there!   My camera is an extension of me so of course I took the opportunity to capture these adorable kids while they were loading up pumpkins and playin’!   Thank you Eileen  for including the boys and I, we had a great time!

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New Mexico Ranch Family Portraits

Even though it is getting late I had to process just a few of the photos from this afternoon’s shoot with the Kinser family!   A beautiful family that I always enjoy being around!   I hope you all enjoy the sneak peek of you session!  More to follow!

Sara - What a gorgeous family!! I really don’t think they’re little girl could be any cuter if she tried – lovely!!

JennyO - What a gorgeous family. I bet they can’t wait to see their gallery!

Lisa - Lovely location and stunning family! Great work Kimberly!

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