GMM IS TWO & HE’S GONNA BE A BIG BROTHER! | Tall Blonde Photography | New Mexico Maternity and Children’s Photographer

Grady and my son, Bryce, are exactly a month apart!   His Mom, Amy, and I worked together at First American Bank, since my departure we haven’t stayed in touch as I would have liked to, so getting to do their photos was a special treat for me!

Grady is so excited about “his” new baby and he LOVES J.B. Mooney and anything to do with Professional Bull Riding!   Amy is a stunning woman and amazing wife and mother!   I hope that you all enjoy the photos!

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Jake & Morgan | New Mexico Engagement Photographer | Tall Blonde Photography

Despite the cold and blowing wind Troy and I had a great time yesterday with Jake and Morgan at their engagement session here at the ranch!

I knew when Morgan got out of the car with 4″ inch red high heels we were going to have a great time, and that we did!

Enjoy the little sneak peek of their session!

You can see all their photos here.

Thank you for allowing me the opportunity to capture these special moments for you both!  I am so excited for the June wedding, I know it is going to be the perfect day!   Congratulations Jake & Morgan!

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Part 3 of Project 52 | Tall Blonde Photography and Diamond 5 Designs are teaming up!

The new year is bringing  some very exciting things to Tall Blonde Photography,    not only am I working on the 2012-2013  Cowboys for Cancer Research Charity Calendar, but I am teaming up with Diamond 5 Designs in an all new venture that is sure to blow your socks off!  Check back here and on facebook, often, for more details about this exciting venture with Tall Blonde and Diamond Five!

The first step in our new venture is to jazz up our look so we have enlisted the help of Miss Jessa Johnson, owner, of Pistols Design in Oklahoma City, OK!

Here are some samples of Pistols Designs work, I’m telling you if you need a creative force in your life make sure to contact Jessa and tell her we sent ya!

I love how Jessa incorporated the western world with the pink world of Mary Kay!  Need some Mary Kay?  Check out Lacey Dale Gracia’s site (click on the photo below).

Below are just a few other designs she came up with that I like!

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This marks the third time I have typed the text to go in this post, let’s hope that the third time is a charm and that it saves properly and loads properly.

The 2nd week of the year has been filled with family fun of all kinds, the days have been unseasonably warm.  For the first time since the kids were born we can all ride together, now Bryce and I no longer have to watch everyone ride off into the sunrise or sunset, he is now old enough to go by himself!   I am so thankful that we were blessed to be caretakers of God’s animals so we can share this with our sons!   Eleck rides a horse named Cinco and Bryce rides Hummer.   They both love their horses and talk about riding constantly now!

Feeding around the ranch gives me a lot of photo opportunities.   On this day it was all about the tumble weeds which are taking over the ranch…see below:

As we were feeding on Saturday the transmission went out in the ranch truck so as we waited for Poppy to come rescue us we had some fun playing tag,   this is what life is really all about!

This week has helped me realize that I have so much in my life to be joyful for but that real joy in life does come from my savior.   My wonderful savior, Jesus, as hard as this is for me to fathom, Your Word says that as Your Father has loved You, so You love me!   You love me so much that You want me to remain in Your love.  If I obey Your commands, I will remain in Your love, just as You have obeyed Your Father’s commands and remain in His love.  You told me this so that Your joy may be in me and that my joy may be complete.  (John 15:9-11)

How thankful I am for my savior!  I pray that you to may find complete joy in the Lord.

Until next week…

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